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vdo: Rotherham: Another Moslem Gang Torturing and Raping Little White Girls

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 rbear    240

vdo link

One woman, now 36, explained to the jury how she was abused from the age of 11 with Arshid passing her on to his brother and friends, often as “payment” for debts.

Prosecutors summarised her plight saying she was “beaten, had a cigarette stubbed out on her chest, tied up and raped … from a very young age, often by numerous men, one after another, at the say-so of Arshid Hussain”.

I’m sure the feminists are going to get right on this and make sure that these organized gangs of immigrants are no longer allowed to operate rape rackets with police protection in Rotherham anymore.

I mean, you saw last time when those hajis got caught drugging, raping and trafficking little girls in Rotherham – the entire feminist army dropped their obsession with video games, slut-shaming and the alleged gender pay gap and came out in full support of the victims.

article continues


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