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 Cinnamon    16,236

Published on Feb 23, 2016

The FREE FALLIN’ Campaign: Between now and September 11, 2016, send your version of “FREE FALLIN’ starring BUILDING 7” to freefallin@AE911Truth.org, and we’ll post or share it here. Use our lyrics or write your own. Let’s post as many videos as we can!
Sign the Petition. Share our Materials. Support our Work. http://AE911Truth.org


“FREE FALLIN’ starring BUILDING 7” is a riff on the classic Tom Petty song Free Fallin’. Twenty-seven years after the release of this beautiful song, it provides a perfect platform to bring attention to the troubling destruction of World Trade Center Building 7, which came down in free fall late in the afternoon on September 11, 2001. According to the official account of 9/11, Building 7 collapsed due to normal office fires ignited by falling debris from WTC 1 (structural damage and diesel fuel fires did not contribute to the collapse, according to the government). However, scientific and circumstantial evidence strongly contradicts that explanation.

The fact that Building 7 instantaneously entered free fall - the acceleration of gravity - for a period of 2.25 seconds over a distance of eight stories is very strong evidence of controlled demolition. Free fall can only be achieved when there is no resistance provided by the structure below. A free-fall drop of eight stories indicates that all 81 columns in Building 7 were simultaneously severed over eight stories. Only explosives can account for this kind of structural failure. Indeed, fires have never caused the total collapse of a steel-framed high-rise, let alone in the manner of a classic controlled demolition.

The infinitely small chance of a fire-induced failure bringing down the entire building – in particular, through the improbable series of structural failures which the government alleges caused the collapse – cannot be reconciled with the strong foreknowledge on the part of local authorities that Building 7 would eventually collapse (which the video highlights prominently). If Building 7 actually collapsed from fire, the authorities’ prediction of Building 7’s collapse would be analogous to confidently and correctly predicting one specific lottery ticket to win the lottery.

The inexplicable foreknowledge on the part of authorities is made all the more apparent by the inability of the engineering community to explain it after the fact. Nine months after the collapse, FEMA would state, “The specifics of the fires in WTC 7 and how they caused the building to collapse remain unknown at this time…. [T]he best hypothesis has only a low probability of occurrence.” More than four years after the collapse, the government’s lead investigator would state, “[T]ruthfully, we don’t really know. We’ve had trouble getting a handle on building No. 7.”

In reality, the warnings of Building 7’s imminent demise must have originated from someone who knew that Building 7 was going to be brought down in a controlled demolition. Beyond that, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, which represents over 2,400 architectural and engineering professionals, does not speculate on who brought down Building 7 or why. Instead, we are dedicated to educating the public about the destruction of all three World Trade Center buildings with the expectation that others with the responsibility and authority to conduct a proper investigation will do so.

Please share this video widely through social media - if you're already on Facebook, share our posted version of the video from our Official page at https://www.facebook.com/ae911truth/and visithttp://AE911Truth.org for more information on how you can help advance the cause of truth!

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 Cinnamon    16,236

Trump Promises Full Investigation of 9/11 if Elected President

By Syed A.R. Zaidi — And guess what? The guys who did 9/11 are sweating blood — because they know the game is up if Trump gets into the White House.

One of them’s dead . . . the others are still at large

Trump and Sanders are both “antiestablishment” candidates. What might either deliver?

Sanders is a politician. He is far less idealistic than he is taken to be, a well-known occupational disease. Except for an initial (not incidentally anti-Republican) anti-Iraq-war vote, he has been consistently pro-war. He used to speak of Palestinian rights, but now insists on the right of Israel to “defend” itself against bottle rockets with genocide. The wars for the Ziocon empire would continue with Sanders. After his surprising last-minute treachery gutting the Audit the Fed bill of which he himself was the Senate sponsor, what can he really be trusted with? And the rest of what he is promising, a legislative agenda, is not up to him to deliver. He would never be able to do it, even if he wanted to.

Ryan Dawson gives a good account of Sanders’ consistent support for globalist adventures, Zionism and the military-industrial complex. (See here)

Trump is not a politician. The best way to understand him is first of all to see him as a sincere nationalist who sees that his nation has been undermined and taken over from within. Most Americans feel they have been screwed. They have. Trump can point out some of the real causes, but Americans have been so brainwashed that most of the truth is beyond them. Trump feeds their anger by taking the official lies at face value and playing up their contradictions. He is definitely flirting with fascism, determined that a globalist sleeper like Cruz who threatens to make the whole Middle East glow in the dark will not outdo him with the red meat.

There is no way that Trump does not know far more about 9/11 than what the rest of us can already gather from investigators such as Chris Bollyn, that it was a Jewish operation with shabbos goys. Trump doesn’t have to get into all that just now. It’s enough to show the obvious, that America was attacked on Bush’s watch.

It is nasty of Trump to dwell on the guilt of the Muslim couple accused of the San Bernardino massacre when he certainly knows they were innocent and were murdered in a false flag operation. But that is how the game is played.

So what is the game? You cannot restore America’s greatness without breaking the power of the Jews who control every aspect of it — politics, media, education, arms industry, and most of all finance. Trump challenges the Masters of Discourse by using their discourse at face value. So when Trump says that it is within the right of America to keep lists of Muslims and to spy on mosques that are a source of anti-American criminality, that is justified, given what he have been taught.



If Trump is for reals and he teams up with these guys, we might have a chance to perp walk the real criminals. Finding out the truth about 9/11 is key in restoring America to the rule of law! 

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 Brio    1,038

At this point, 9/11 has completely served it's purpose and the truth coming out can be exploited for credibility by any candidate. The truth is a coin to be hoarded then spent, as Obama spent the Bin Laden coin. As Turd Blossom spent Fitzgerald.

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 puddle    7
15 hours ago, Brio said:

At this point, 9/11 has completely served it's purpose and the truth coming out can be exploited for credibility by any candidate. The truth is a coin to be hoarded then spent, as Obama spent the Bin Laden coin. As Turd Blossom spent Fitzgerald.

Funny how these "truths" can be dangled in front of Americans and they become hypnotized. Bin Laden died long before Obama ever became president. He was just another boogeyman, one of many that the US uses to scare its people.

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