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The five best houseplants that help you sleep better

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 DarkKnightNomeD    1,590

:sleeping-smiley-009::sleep: - We could all use some better zzz's.

The five best houseplants that help you sleep better



Apart from being decorative, house plants are also highly beneficial for your health. Some are known for their calming and cleansing effects, and can improve your quality of sleep.
Bright Side decided to present 5 of the most effective plants for your bedroom that will help you sleep better.

Areca Palm

This plant purifies the air and removes toxins and carbon dioxide. It also releases copious amounts of moisture into the air, which makes it particularly useful during the winter months when your heating system dries out the air.


Ficus Benjamina

Benjamina is the number 1 air-purifying plant. It removes more than 70% of benzene, ammonia, toluene, and other harmful impurities from the air that may be emitted from low-quality synthetic stuff like linoleum and chipboard. It processes all these compounds, as well as destroying half of the existing microbes. It will improve the overall quality of your sleep and look really good in your bedroom.

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