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So You’ve Woken Up…Now What?

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 BigRed    150

Many people ask about this or something similar so here’s some thoughts on the subject. I don’t mean to tell anyone what to do, as that’s completely contrary to consciousness and conscious development, but I will share my understandings at this point and my passion for Truth and you can do what you like with it.

“What do you say to people who have woken up but can’t leave the system because of family and friends?”
This and those like it pose a very broad question since we’re all different and need to be led of our own convictions. However, the answer is fundamentally similar in every case.

Do what consciousness tells you.

There’s really no time for fiddling around once you’ve found what you know to be the Truth, which is always something clearly outside the realm of what you’ve been indoctrinated with. It’s always life altering. And if it isn’t, you didn’t hear correctly or it fell on deaf ears.

I don’t want to be counted among the deaf or unresponsive. Do you?

Especially when you found out that that’s exactly what perpetrates the big lie you found out about–a compliant, non-awake populace.



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 CSB    1,664

Its to the point I can't leave my house with out someone asking me questions . I woke up a long time ago . That is ok !

I know what I am going to do; I will stay around for those that have just woke up; Its now my new job ! , My family and friends are more valuable to me than money or gold .

With what I know it makes me want to run and hid in the woods or in a cave but I wont . I am now telling people to stock up on survival things . some cash, gold, foods and such .

America is doomed with out a divine invasion from God .

I hate politics !! I know I am  :ZHDVo9A: A little

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 Lucy Barnable    2,691

You mean aside from family rolling their eyes and saying can't we have one nice meal without you bring that up?


My conscious tells me I have to be honest. I have to try to help however I can.
Even if that means they distance themselves from me.
Hopefully, when it goes down, they'll remember.
Now I prepare; for myself and for them.

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