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Dr. Willie and Peter Schiff Together: Total Currency Collapse and Reset Coming

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 BigRed    150

In the post below, you get the trifecta of today’s brilliant economic minds all together in one place. First, you’ll hear from both Peter Schiff and Dr. Jim Willie in the two part interview, then followed up with an article from Michael Snyder, who confirms everything the first two say, but from his own perspective.

As you might expect from Peter Schiff, In the first part of the interview below, Peter says a lot of the same things he’s been saying for quite some time to anyone who’s had enough sense to listen. He begins by saying the current problems with the U.S. economy began right after the “Great Recession of 2008.” Instead of accepting responsibility for creating the housing bubble when the Fed inflated the market with such cheap money, in the immediate aftermath of the 2008 crash, the Fed pursued an even more irresponsible monetary policy than before the 2008 crash. The result is that now we have a vastly bigger bubble than we did in 2008, and when the Fed raised rates not too long ago, they inadvertently pricked their own bubble. Peter says that we’re seeing now, is the very beginning of the air coming out, and he says things are going to get much, much, much worse. 



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 YourMom2    1,273

Peter Schiff  > CNBC spokesperson

The contrarians and all the gold and silver bugs like Hoffman and Willie say the same thing so it's like everybody knows it's crashing and MSM trots out Peter to tell the sheep because they know the sheep don't want to believe the end is near and they are already tired of hearing the boy cry wolf.

Banksters are perpetually hungry wolves and they start out slowiy eating each other (can you say Lehman Brothers?) and then suddenly it turns into a feeding frenzy. They're all guilty of the same dirty practices but it will boil down to the media favorite being proclaimed the winner. However, there won't be interviews from their private island while the rest of us use fiat currency to light the bonfire.

Hedge accordingly.

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