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Dying Media Equates Questioning Causes Of Scalia’s Death To Being A Conspiracy Theorist

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 BigRed    150

A United States Supreme Court Justice died in unclear circumstances over the weekend and no one in the dying mainstream media has been willing to question why Justice Antonin Scalia’s death was not personally verified by the head of the court of Presidio County Texas, Çinderala Guevara.

No one in the mainstream media is asking why Mrs. Guevara decided not to request an autopsy, as it is commonly done, especially when it comes to the death of a Supreme Court Justice.

No one in the mainstream media is asking why Scalia’s body was quickly prepared for burial, which effectively erased any and all proof of foul play. No one in the mainstream media is asking why were Scalia’s bodily fluids discarded without any previous scientific analysis.

The traditional media not only does not do its job, but it also labels those who demand answers regarding the circumstances that surrounded Scalia’s death as ‘conspiracy theorists’. But the dying media outlets are not alone. Even so-called traditional conservative figures such as cranky talk show host, Mark Levin, has labeled people who ask questions about Scalia’s death as ‘kooks’.

In defiance of logics, evidence and reason, the media’s talking point goes something like this: “The conspiracy theorists are in full swing.”


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 Flat    202

Technically they're right. You would have to theorize a conspiracy did happen...

I just wonder how many times your government has to lie before you start to question them.

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