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VIDEO: Man Arrested for Wearing Pig Hat in The Netherlands

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My Gd, the cowardice is crushing. The world is going mad. How long before Porky Pigcartoons and “The Three Little Pigs” are banned?

I don’t think Orwell could have imagined this.

“Netherlands: Man arrested for wearing pig hat,”Robert Spencer, February 22, 2016:

No Muslims were even around.

And even if they were …

Apparently just the idea that one might have seen the hat and become offended was enough for the Netherlands’ Sharia police to arrest this man. And why would any Muslim have become offended, anyway? Do the Dutch police think that Islam forbids not only pork, but the wearing of pig hats?

Of course, the Dutch police were thinking that the pig hat meant, “I hate Muslims.” It may have meant that. Even if it did, is that a crime in theNetherlands now to be obnoxious? Or it may have meant that the person wearing it simply opposed the deluge of Muslim migrants entering theNetherlands. Or it may have simply been a silly hat. The arrest shows how afraid the Dutch authorities are of Muslims, and how determined they are to appease them: they will do what they think pleases them when they aren’t even around.

If this kind of thing can happen there now, imagine what the Netherlandswill be like in five or ten years. Stoning and amputations in public squares?



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