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Antarctica UFO Crash Site Guarded by Tanks Revealed

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 BigRed    150

It wasn’t that long ago that New Evidence Emerged of a Secret Ancient City Buried Under Snow and Ice In Antarctica. As it mentions in that post, there is an awful lot of information out on the Internet about a lost city under a sheet of ice in Antarctica, or UFO crashes in Antarctica, and since so much of the information is totally bogus, it’s often hard discern the true from the false. Whether this is actually a downed UFO being guarded by tanks is hard to say, but the fact that Google Earth has modified the image of the site certainly lends itself to speculation, and to the naked eye it certainly seems like there are tanks guarding something!  

Simply put, if there is nothing to hide, why is something being hidden? It is widely speculated that Nazi Germany had a few operational bases in the Arctic during WWII, and there are rumors that they developed advanced propulsion technology there, along with engine research, flying wing craft and the AS6 experimental winged aircraft. It is also widely speculated the Nazi obsession with the cult might have brought them in contact with beings of some origin other than earth. Could such beings have been what lured Nazis there?


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