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Sorry, Liberals, Scandinavian Countries Aren’t Utopias (Video)

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 BigRed    150

When Bernie Sanders supporters are reminded that everywhere Socialism has ever been tried it’s been an abject failure, they are quick to point out that Bernie is a “Democratic Socialist,” as if somehow that’s better. First, to be fair, its not right to say “Socialism is a failed ideology.” 

Building an extension on home that has a crack in the foundation is a failure. Trying to run a mile in under 6:00, and finishing in over 8:00 is a failure. On a history test, getting one question right out of ten would be a failure, and something liberals ought to know a lot about while we’re on the subject… 

No, Socialism is not failure, because Socialism is responsible for the deaths of over 100,000,000 human beings over the last century. No, Socialism is a lie, and it’s like an infectious disease on the uninformed idiots of humanity who welcome its horrors with open arms. It prevents innovation, mass produces inferiority, and stifles growth of all kind.  

Bernie wants to be just like Sweden; well how does Bernie feel about Swedish Police admitting that their “open border” policy has resulted in 53 “No-Go Zones” controlled by Muslims that are SO dangerous, neither police nor anyone else dares to enter. Watch the video below:


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