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Over A Thousand Journalists Dead! Cover-Up Of Epic Proportions No One Is Reporting (VIDEO)

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 BigRed    150

There is massive government coverup happening right now that no one is talking about. It is the murder and deaths of over a thousand journalists, reporters, and media personal happening all across the globe.

Since 1992, 1181 journalists have lost their lives, and since 1996 there has been a massive uptick in journalists deaths as the suppression of speech by world governments increases.

If we are silenced by opposition, we’ll be left with apathy. Please don’t miss this breaking report….


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 CSB    1,665

I don't believe its just journalists that are being taken out and or spied on; I believe even the common Jo is being watched .

I am thinking that your ISP " internet service providers " are snitching ! Under threat by government the ISP " internet service providers " I believe are now watching everyone's web activity and things out of the norm like searching even truther sites are now being reported .

These governments fear the power of the people through alternative news so much that they have become hunters of any one that exposes their dirty deeds and agendas; so now we have become pray to them once again .

It maybe a different day but the oppression continues . Will we the people stand down ? As for me I say Hell no !  I will start a revolution myself if I have to .




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