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Defense Department’s DARPA Deploying New Autonomous Killer Drones (Video)

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 BigRed    150

You simply can’t even make this stuff up it’s so twisted. Call me the old fashioned guy in the room, but I still prefer anything shooting at human beings to have a human being controlling it, not an artificial intelligence program. Unfortunately, DARPA didn’t bother to consult what I thought prior to announcing their new autonomous killer drones, only the latest in a long line of very sketchy technological developments recently. 

In a previous post titled, NSA Actually Has Program “SKYNET” and It Might Be Labeling Innocent People As Terrorists, using all the videos in the post it went into extreme detail about the artificial intelligence software that was used this past summer by the military’s “Operation Jade Helm.” The artificial intelligence software for Operation Jade Helm.came from a company called, “Palantir,” which is run by the head of the Bilderberg Steering Committee, Peter Thiel. Sound bad? Just wait, it gets worse. 


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