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Stop Censorship: Time For Us All To Finally Break Google, Facebook and Twitter?

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 BigRed    150


As much as I hate to read that there are other people on the various different social platforms like Google, Facebook, and Twitter who are having the same kinds of problems I am facing when it comes to censorship, reading both the articles referenced below almost provided a sense of satisfaction that I’m not imagining things. 

As the video and articles below detail, the level of censorship being used by Google, Facebook, and Twitter today is bordering on simply “unbelievable” to anyone who isn’t experiencing it first hand. When trying to explain to a person who isn’t being censored, the extent to which many of us are being silenced daily, often times we’re looked at like we have five heads. The news media’s job is to report “news,” and yet despite social media giants like Google, Facebook, and Twitter silencing an entire nation of conservative leaning Americans on social media, the mainstream media says nothing. Why? Because they’re all part of the same giant machine pushing for socialism. 

The United States is truly entering very troubling times right now, as we head full throttle towards the next iteration of a failed socialist state. Never before in history has a country the size of the United States had any measure of success under socialist principles, but that fact is completely lost on so many of today’s Americans whose only concern seems to be, “What can you do for ME?”



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