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Indiana man sues 'smart TV' maker over claims his television 'is secretly spying' on him and selling private information to advertisers

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 Cinnamon    14,698

An Indiana man is suing the manufacturer of his smart television over claims the box is 'secretly spying' on him and passing private information on to third parties.

Trent Strader filed a 27-page class action complaint at the US District Court in Indianapolis where he alleges his smart television has been monitoring his viewing habits. 

The complaint claims the TV has also collected information about his IP address through which he connects to the internet and identified other web-enabled products he has been using to get online. 


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3454981/Watching-watching-Indiana-man-sues-smart-TV-maker-device-s-ability-monitor-viewing-habits-pass-parties.html#ixzz40qzl4s8g 

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 JibbyJedi    1,160

I prefer my friends smart & my technology stupid, not the other way around.

How about we all get in on a class action suit against all cell phone companies for spying & collecting data on all of us 24/7?   Maybe we can at least get some hush settlement money out of it until they come out with the intravenous versions of iPhone that go directly into everyone's neural pathways.

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