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Teflon Trump

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CNN calls Trump teflon, asking the viewer if the GOP can get behind him:




Which is literally this:



a card which I think follows this pretty obviously:



certainly if they bring Hillary to the show. Because, just like 9/11, Trump will fire at anything she's tied to, and the truth about the Obama administration will be a key shot.


So I no longer think it will be Bloomberg, though, he could possibly play the role as well. It doesn't really matter which sock is on which hand, I guess. 

Obama will be looked at like a Carter flub of a president, but everyone must be nice about the 15 trillion, because just like Carter, he ment well. Plus, half a race card o.o

 That brings us to this point:


They're stoking the fire to get everyone into a war about color, and so far, it seems to be working. They play the pipe and the lil rats dance and follow to their own drowning. o.o Don't be a fool, judge a person for who they are, not who they are told to you to be. The news will have you thinking either the enemy is everywhere or nowhere, but the truth is it's the messenger that's the mouth piece for your masters. The pipe for the Piper, if you will. o.o 

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