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Shocking: CIA Director Says Domestic Attack is Inevitable On National TV

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 BigRed    150

In the first video, you’ll learn that even though President Obama cannot bring himself to utter the words “Islamic Terrorist,” his Muslim CIA Chief is at least a bit more honest about the threat, saying recently that a domestic terror attack is “inevitable,” or is he? In a recent 60 minutes interview included below,  CIA Chief Brennan says Islamic terrorists will inevitably make their way to the United States to carry out a terror attack on US soil. 

The question posed in the first video, is why CIA Director Brennan is coming out and making the announcement on 60 minutes? Granted, it’s CBS and not Fox News, so only 7-8 people saw it anyway, but still, any RESPONSIBLE journalist in the mainstream media SHOULD be asking, “Why is Brennan saying that? What is the motive for it?” 

Let’s face it, unless Americans have reached the point of Kool-Aid poisoning, it shouldn’t take a “conspiracy minded” person to recognize that no CIA director under any administration (Republican or Democrat), is going to go on national television and make a statement like that which isn’t highly calculated and well thought out in advance.

The Obama administration is arguably the most highly politically calculating administration in the modern era, so Brennan’s comments definitely had a purpose. So, why did he do it? In the video, Gary Franchi poses a theory or two…


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