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The Most CONTROVERSIAL THING you ever had on the FORUM =3

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 Mongoose    34

This guy tells it like it is. I couldn't stop laughing at a certain point. Although I should point out (as he did) that when he says N***** he is referring to an attitude and not an ethnicity.

Wouldn't it be great if he ran for president, gee, I wonder what his slogan would be?

He also was bringing up the subject of why these people are the way they are. It is not because of what they look like or where their ancestors lived, it is because of deliberate policies that were put in place to keep people down. Destroy the family unit and destroy the people.

Let's see, the one time I got robbed it was 2 black dudes a white dude and a mullado. They all had the same attitude though. Even then, they only did it because they knew that I had injured my strong arm and couldn't move it. What a bunch of cowards.

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I didn't watch the video. hmm, that could be my signature, lol.

But it's true that women are the rock of civilization. My sisters go to casinos all the time, eat out, attend stupid old lady social clubs. Ack ack.

I read an article years ago about Venice, which was once the greatest city in the world. When their women became wealthy and idle, started gambling and spending money extravagantly, having "intrigues," corruption set in throughout the culture.  And down went Venice.

Fast forward to today. Girls are encouraged to be sluts, even bisexual. I watch enough tv to see the indoctrination. It's all about consumerism, having the sexiest clothes, most expensive car, big I-phone so you can chatter like a monkey all day and take naked selfies. 

It's a plot. Really. As is the drug culture and thug mentality. It's a sick world.

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 Brio    1,035

I didn't think the vid was as much about women as it was about taking responsibility for our own behavior, ******, woman, whoever.


Grrr the n word is censored. Try again.


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 Malevolent    1,947

The man may even be quite correct - even though he is generalizing to an extent.  He is not much different (yet a bit more crude) to Pastor James Manning.




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