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David Haggith: The Economy is Failing All Over The World (VIDEO)

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 BigRed    150

I love the credit card commercials on TeeVee and how they talk about “cash back”, “cash bonus”, “cash this” and “cash that” – “what’s in your wallet?” We are being trained to believe that a piece of plastic is “money”. Gold is money and everything else is credit. Paper “dollars” is a representation of money and credit/debit cards are an illusion of money. What happens to our lives, our human rights, if cash is outlawed?

As George Carlin says, “No body seems to notice, no body seems to care.” That, unfortunately, is a fact. When you have football games, hockey games, baseball games, basketball games, endless hours of TeeVee to watch, how could a person be expected to follow some trivial item like the government banning cash?

Totalitarian creep is moving into hyperdrive. Almost on a daily basis we see another article in mainstream media about a “cashless society”. If you follow the Liberty Movement and/or alternative press then you are aware the drums for a cashless society are beating louder and louder every day.

What does it mean to the average person on the street to live in a cashless society, where all commerce is conducted electronically? One of the more horrific aspects is that if you step out of line and you have a legal issue, say a traffic ticket, then your account could be seized, drained of all it current resources and you are left with nothing until your account is replenished in a few days or a few weeks.


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 YourMom2    1,354

Hedge accordingly! They're trying to shut down the $100 dollar bill......hilarious....that will not go over well but they gotta take desperate measures to usher in negative interest rates. Funny how NIRP works, negative interest only on bank deposits but not on loans! They are already raking in the spread from the FED but it's just not enough for those greedy b@sT^rds.

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