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NSA Actually Has Program “SKYNET” — It Might Be Labeling Innocent People Terrorists

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 BigRed    150

The article below shines the spotlight on an issue that has died down quite a bit since this past summer’s “Operation Jade Helm” exercises finished up, but in light of the conspiracy theories swirling around about the mischief Obama has been up to, this is a perfect time to revisit fears concerning the government’s artificial intelligence program known as “SkyNet.”

After all, some people probably find it alarming that Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, has been Creating a Gestapo To Target Americans With “Anti-Government Views,” and has said You Could Be Labeled a Terrorist For Speaking Out Against the DOJ (Videos), and yet the same Loretta Lynch is somehow at the Top of Obama’s Short List of Potential SCOTUS Nominees To Replace Justice Scalia. How is that humanly possible?

As for “SKYNET,” for those who took the time to really dig deep into the Jade Helm Operation this past summer, something that kept appearing everywhere you looked was that the operational goal of Jade Helm was, “To Master the Human Domain.” Those were the buzzwords all summer: “Mastering the Human Domain.” What exactly do they mean anyway?


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