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Just a short from the heart post before i go eat!

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 Ukshep    13,338

So its 10:32pm as i right this pm! and i feel the need to just show a little love for you all. I know i'm not around as much as i used to be. Posting every 5 minutes and informing and sharing info on a variety of topics but to be perfectly honest from an admin standpoint. I'M very tired! And not because of the forum. But a few minor health issues. Work which is every day almost every day followed by an hour or two of driving people home from work because i offered to once and now i'm just that guy! This seems to have got a lot longer than i planned!

I guess in short what i mean to say is. Im busy! im working! im doing my best to pay a lot of bills which are to be quite honestly killing any free time i had as well as getting prepared to move house and set up my own little growing area (pics to come eventually) and i wish i had as much time as i used to. Because engaging with the users here is really great! I would name you all but meh that would fill this post up with names :D too many of you wonderful people.

So to close i just wish to say i love you all. I'll hopefully have an easier time of things and soon things will improve. and kudos to @Cinnamon and staff for holding the fort while i've dealt with life!

Love you all! :wub:

P.s yes i overuse these !!!!!!!!! deal with it! its part of my personality!

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