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Eyewitness Accounts of the New Madrid Earthquake (Doomdelicious!)

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 Cinnamon    14,480

Maps here:


News accounts:


When the steamboat New Orleans made her way down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers from Pittsburgh to New Orleans in 1811-1812, it marked a turning point in the Transportation Revolution.  After the New Orleans showed that it could be done, steamboats proliferated on the Ohio and the Mississippi and their tributaries.  Steamboat traffic helped create a national economy, opening markets for farm goods and drawing people and commerce to cities along the rivers.

On December 16, 1811, a major earthquake occurred with its epicenter in the town of New Madrid (now in the state of Missouri).  The Roosevelts and the crew of the New Orleans were about 200 miles from the epicenter on December 16, and they felt the shock distinctly.  (It was discernible as far away as Boston.) It caused enough damage to change the shape of the Mississippi River, meaning that they traveled through miles and miles of uncharted waters.  The tremors continued for more than a year, with the three largest ones (with magnitudes between 7 and 8) occurring in the first three months.  The U.S. Geological Survey offers more detail on the New Madrid earthquakes.

For more info go here:


There was more than one earthquake. Reading the eyewitness accounts makes me glad that there were only small settlements and towns back in those days when it happened. The accounts are riveting, especially if you have an interest in quakes and haven't seen these yet. This is DOOM! 

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 Malevolent    1,968

And the next one is due when?  I see too many larger quakes world wide, soon there will be a massive one in a densely populated city and many will be affected......

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