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Danish Imam Says to Allow Child Marriages Among Refugees

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 rbear    240

(because, not only kids and politicians have privileges) 

No one could have predicted Moslems would child-marry.

Because no one ever thought to Google that before they brought millions of them to Europe.


A high-profile imam has urged the Danish government to accept child brides, as the practice is part of the culture of many refugees arriving in the country. It follows an announcement by Denmark that such couples will be separated under Danish law.

Imam Oussama El-Saadi, of the Aarhus mosque in Denmark, said that child brides should be looked at from a “different perspective.”

“It is an extraordinary humanitarian situation, and I think you have to take care of these families. They’re married, and even if the man is twice as old as they have built a family. We have to accept that it is a different culture, and we cannot destroy family life,” he told Danish newspaper Metroxpress.

El-Saadi went on to explain the alleged benefits of such situations.

“If you look at the situation in the refugee camps, it is often filled with violence and uncertainty. If your daughter marries early and gets a man, it can give the family a safer situation,” he said.

However, he told the newspaper that he wouldn’t actually let his own daughter marry until she was 18. cont


If you look at the schools, they are filled with paedos/child molesters. Often times it is the kids themselves. You have to start at the den or hive if you want to solve the problem, then work outward. Combating the loose bees here and there isn't going to ever make it stop. Compare this to a bad ant problem. You don't simply put p oi son on only two or 3 piles when you have thousands of them and expect to ever solve your ant problem do you? Any other way is essentially this.  

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 Quick1966    1,220
4 hours ago, rbear said:

I guess he things this is a good thing.

We need to make a true alliance with the moderate child-rapists to stop this it appears.


Moderate Moslem Kiddie-Rapists



A small caliber round behind the ear would solve all the problems in a quick and efficient manner. Once the other sickos see how society deals with these freaks they'll be leaving in droves. Not to mention it's a hell of a lot cheaper than housing and feeding them on taxpayers dime!?

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