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The Civil Order and Justice Restoration Act

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 Sandy23    1

I would like to see the "Civil Order and Justice Restoration Act" or something like it created passed.

The big point of it being this...

Any time lobby groups and for profit companies and their investors and shareholders undemocratically purchase laws that favor them...

Such as what the NRA, Citizens United, Goldman Sachs, the Heritage Foundation, AIPAC, and the Koch Brothers and Hobby Lobby and the Oil companies and the Insurance companies all do...

And then OBEY their PURCHASED laws as OPPOSED to the LAWS that the POLITICIANS would NORMALLY have created
(if they were not supported by a super pac and/or paid off)...

And then CLAIM that they are "obeying the law"....

They are automatically TO BE CONSIDERED to NOT BE operating in accordance with ANY LAW... PERIOD.

Why ? Because they are simply obeying laws that they have PURCHASED, and NOT the law of the land as democratically created by the GOVERNMENT, for which the government was INTENTIONALLY elected to enact by the VOTING PUBLIC.

Sentencing must include the loss of their ability to operate (at all)
And a fine, in the indefinite amount, totaling their entire worth as a company or an organization.


Why ?

Because if somebody wasn't elected, the people who were not elected shouldn't be allowed to purchase their own laws and claim  "law abiding citizen" status.

It makes THEM the Government, unofficially... instead of our ELECTED politicians.

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