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Venezuela to liquidate remaining gold holdings to pay for debts!

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 Quick1966    1,035

So yeah what's the worst that can happen? The way I'm looking at it is that the U.S. Has the very real possibility of going through the same thing. When? I've got no idea. But it will definitely be in my lifetime. Will this next collapse usher in the total calamity? Maybe. But one things for sure unless we change course quickly we as a nation are through. So what do you guys think? Are we doomed? Or is there a shot?


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I think change is inevitable. Like the flow of time and progress of technology, until the point of singularity. So, no, we're not all doomed, but yeah.. pretty much. At the end of the day, gold will be sworn off as a false god that it is, but the twist is it'll be a beast's misdirection. By investing in gold, bonds, all that nonsense, certainly when it's nothing but paper, and as trustworthy as a fed note....it's all just feeding the beast system. Keeping everyone chained up to thier proper place. Knowing thier role, as it were.

Don't get me wrong, yesteryears slaves had a much harder time than myself, or the future generations to come, but just because the cage got guilded, doesn't change it from what it is. Fixing the potholes in a road paved with good intentions still leads to hell.

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