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Its time for a f***ed up story!

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 Ukshep    13,127

I thought this would be a story that portrays a message. Not sure of the exact message. But maybe its something along the lines of do not go to a pub and get drunk with gangsters?

So the story is very basic and simple. And its a true story.

It was a friday! my uncle went to the pub like he always does and got into some effed up shit with the local gangsters... I don't know what they are really called but i'll call them gangsters because this kind of night seems like gangster material. Now he did not owe any money. He did not get on their bad side. He was made a proposition. What i can only guess was a moronic joke or attempt at having a laugh by someone with way too much money.

So they propositioned him. They would buy him a new car. And give him £20,000 IF he allowed someone to hold a chisel to a finger and he hammered it himself.

Well now my uncle has one less finger, is driving around in a new car and has money in the bank.

Oh it seems this story just glorified gangsters. My bad! Not sure what else to say....I dont think i could have done that. But i guess it helps my uncle was off his face!

Note: the event happened 2 years back! thought i'd share it now.

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