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Iran is next

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 Cinnamon    24,380

This is the same rumbling we hear every time there is another undeclared and open ended war. This is the first time I ever found evidence prior to the war happening! 

If I was a betting person, my money would be on war with Iran and not too far in the future if they continue to try and replace the dollar with the Euro. 

The neo-cons have been after Iran from the start, it's one of the larger prizes they want to control.  See PNAC documents, it's all in there, every name of every country they wanted to attack militarily. 

First we need to sweep this info under the rug.  Of course, mainstream media in the U.S. is completely oblivious to the pattern of preserving dollar dominance and then starting an endless war in the country that doesn't want to use the dollar anymore.  

Once swept under the rug, there will be some atrocity that happens to whip up patriotic fervor against Iran.  Most likely it'll be something like the Iranians tried to rise up, protests were shut down with brutal force from their own government! and we must go help them. (Can anyone say millions more refugees!)  Because if they do go in and make war, they will lay waste to Iran, just like every other country they go into. NATO. What a freaking joke, with Turkey in there. Secular my arse. 

Iran knows that this move away from the U.S. dollar is basically a declaration of war with the United States.  They have seen much closer than you and I have, the results of this defiance in Libya, Syria, Iraq. It's like suicide.  Unless Russia comes to their aid.  Then the entire game changes. If China decides to provide help, oh man.  I don't even want to see a war like that take place.  

It looks like this started in 2013.  Yep, about time for a war with Iran if this continues. Why are they "unable" to use U.S. dollars to pay for an 8 billion dollar oil trade.  Unable to me can me a whole lot of things.  Or even be twisted to mean, the U.S. won't allow it, but more likely it means Iran doesn't want to. Lost in translation? 




As US lifts sanctions, Iran wants India to pay oil dues in euros.  

Iran will be opening or re-activating euro accounts with Indian banks and would like to have the money transferred from refiners into these accounts.


Iran has asked Indian refiners such as Essar Oil and Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Ltd (MRPL) to clear its past oil dues amounting to over $6 billion in euros within six months.


With US lifting sanctions, Iran has told Indian authorities that the three-year old mechanism, paying 45 per cent of oil import bill in rupees and keeping the remaining 55 per cent pending for payment channels to clear, has come to an end.


The pending payments now total to over $6 billion which Iran has agreed to receive in installments over the next six months, sources privy to the development said.


Central Bank of Iran’s vice governor Gholamali Kamyab has conveyed to Indian authorities that crude oil proceeds from now on would be in euro as Iran would not be able to undertake US dollar settlement through the US financial system.


Me: Why not? 


Iran will be opening or re-activating euro accounts with Indian banks and would like to have the money transferred from refiners into these accounts.


The Persian Gulf nation is talking to State Bank of India (SBI) for the purpose and has also opened an account with IDBI.


Also, it wants settlement with India through the Asian Currency Union (ACU) and has written to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in this respect, they said.


Kamyab stated that National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) would ask buyers of crude in India to open Letters of Credit (Lcs) in favour of Central Bank of Iran with SBI as was the case in past, sources said adding settlement could be done through the ACU and IDBI would be used for the purpose.


Since February 2013, Indian refiners like Essar Oil and MRPL have been paying 45 per cent of their import bill in rupees to UCO Bank account of Iranian oil company. The remaining has been accumulating, pending finalisation of a payment mechanism.


With the lifting of sanctions, the payment channels will reopen and Iran is seeking the pending $6 billion in euros. The payments would be done in installments to prevent a run on the rupee with MRPL likely to be asked to clear its outstanding of close to $3 billion first.

- See more at: http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-news-india/as-us-lifts-sanctions-iran-wants-india-to-pay-oil-dues-in-euros/#sthash.I8R9rMs2.dpuf




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 DarkKnightNomeD    2,078

I can't sleep, I swear something is going to happen soon. :sleeping-smiley-009:

That's why China and Russia are involved in Mid East now, they know Iran is next on the chopping block after Syria. Remember Sheps warning on Israel wanting to nuke Iran? It was true, but Obama sent a fleet of warships to the Mediterranean or somewhere, I forget, to stop them from doing that. I'm sure he threated to blow their ass up if they did. They have to stick to their NWO Plan after all.

I wonder if Saudi Arabia and the other 10+ countries and allies are going to go in Syria soon, because that would effectively immediately put them at war with Iran, China and Russia. All hells going to break loose if they do.

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 Brio    1,038

An Iranian official says the country will reconnect to SWIFT, the global provider of secure financial messaging services, by the end of January.

Head of Iran Chamber of Commerce Mohsen Jalalpour told reporters in Tehran on Sunday that today Iran will re-apply to join the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT).

Jalalpour said the SWIFT committee will examine Iranian application in a matter of two weeks and it is expected that sanctioned Iranian banks will reconnect to the system by January 30 at the latest, IRNA reported.


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