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No Immigrants Necessary: Japan Building Robot Farm

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We keep hearing from the chosen ones that we need mass immigration because “there aren’t enough people.” At the very same time, it is common knowledge that automation is in the process of making manual labor completely irrelevant, meaning all of these people we are bringing in – low IQ brown people, only capable of the most basic manual labor – are going to be a completely obsolete population, totally dependent on welfare hand-outs from Whitey.

Japan has one of the lowest birthrates in the world, and has not for one second spoken of replacing their population with Moslems and Negroes.

Instead, they’re automating.

The Guardian:

A Japanese company is to open the world’s first “robot farm”, as agriculture joins other sectors of the economy in attempting to fill labour shortages created by the country’s rapidly ageing population.

Spread, a vegetable producer, said industrial robots would carry out all but one of the tasks needed to grow the tens of thousands of lettuces it produces each day at its vast indoor farm in Kameoka, Kyoto prefecture, starting from mid-2017.

The robots will do everything from re-planting young seedlings to watering, trimming and harvesting crops.

The innovation will boost production from 21,000 lettuces a day to 50,000 a day, the firm said, adding that it planned to raise that figure to half a million lettuces daily within five years.

“The seeds will still be planted by humans, but every other step, from the transplanting of young seedlings to larger spaces as they grow to harvesting the lettuces, will be done automatically,” said JJ Price, Spread’s global marketing manager. cont

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Japanese engineering. Gotta give it to them. I worked for Toshiba and their systems were second to none.

I like their robotics program but hell, they already had me with "Hello Kitty".

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