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Our fate? Don't watch this video...if you're happy living a lie

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 Cinnamon    14,644

This video is from 2008, but still more than relevant today. We should all be starting a major fight with the water companies over flouride and other contaminants they are putting into the water supply. This vid shows a cow that was poisoned by flouride and crippled. The feds already knew that fluoride causes bone, liver and kidney cancer, yet the U.S. still has fluoridated water, while at the time of this video 98 percent of Europe outlawed water fluoridation. Just think, every time you order a drink at a restaurant, eat a can of soup or consume any other prepacked liquid, you are getting fluoride. Some people who know about the dangers of fluoride still cook with tap water, but they don't drink it because it tastes terrible. 

This video also covers aspertame. All ingredients are poisons. Video covers the fact that Donald Rumsfeld pushed aspertame onto the public using his influence with the FDA. 

If we put all our efforts into good that are concentrated into bad, just think what the world would be like, can you even imagine that? 

Feeling like a lab rat in the U.S. yet? 



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