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Delta Flight Crew Midair Brawl

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 CGK    2,639

Its bad enough when a plane has to make an emergency landing due to passengers getting into a fight, but now we have the flight crew brawling  in midair.


A PASSENGER plane was forced to make an emergency landing after two female flight attendants started a shocking midair punch-up.

Trouble broke out around 40 minutes into the Delta flight from Los Angeles to Minneapolis between two cabin attendants arguing about “work issues”.

The pair allegedly began a fist fight — and a third female attendant who tried to calm things down was whacked in the face.

When the captain heard of the trouble he radioed air traffic control to authorise an unscheduled landing so he could “hear from the flight attendants”.

The Boeing 757-200 diverted to Salt Lake City in Utah where the three cabin crew members were kicked off the plane.

The aircraft was grounded for 80 minutes while a back-up crew was found before taking off again for Minneapolis 75 minutes behind schedule.

More: http://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/incidents/delta-plane-forced-to-make-emergency-landing-after-cabin-crew-got-into-a-midair-fight/news-story/4edc1cf30827ac3f0862c1097dd6b4a7

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As a teacher in public high schools for many years, I was privileged to see many a fight. Boys tended to end up wrestling on the ground. Girls generally stood their ground and pulled hair. They were easy to separate. Usually. I was never hit but one of my teacher friends was when she got too close to the wrong girl.

I'll never forget a fight in the cafeteria when 2 badass girls got into it. It was a bare-knuckle fight like you would not believe. It went on and on and on.  Those two brawlers were punching each other in the face with everything they had. The asst. principal, a big black man, told me not to interfere. As if!

Fighting is a natural instinct. You suppress it and the pressure is not relieved. I wonder what will happen to the "stewies" as we used to call them. Fired? We have become too domesticated, methinks.

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