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Halloween Mike


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What I'm about to post is copied and pasted directly from my Facebook group called 'GRAB YOUR PITCHFORKS' (all welcome by the way).
I posted it on there as well as a couple of other groups based out of my country (New Zealand) dedicated to opening people's eyes to what's going on. This is my first post here, so if I've broken some guidelines, please tell me. Remember, the places I posted this are where people haven't quite woken up to the idea of how the NWO operate.
If I've missed some major points, please add them in the comments. Right, here we go -

"World trends are worrying me.
I'm sick of banging my head on a brick wall, as that is what it's like lately.

What I'm about to say will polarise people, as it would seem to be "out there", but there's a reason for that, as we have all been conditioned by Governments and Media to think that what we see is the "norm". When you question things, people in the media and/or the government start calling you a "conspiracist" or "loony" because you question the status quo. Look at whats happened over the years (which are called False Flags) -

- 9/11 happened. Patriot act is invoked, war declared on Iraq, sales of military weapons etc skyrockets, any shares linked to war efforts/weapon producers, prices skyrocket. Oil price goes up as a result (take note of who would have blind trusts buying/owning shares in those markets, evidence is out there).

- Sandy Hook happened. Gun sales go up in most States, same thing with shares prices attached to certain companies. Certain laws are passed hurriedly, making it so you have to provide I.D when purchasing weapons (a good thing?), put on a National database for life, Government has your info. Gun regulations were meant to be tightened (or were they?), because the National Rifle Association stopped it happening, as they have alot of power in the Government.

- Boston bombings happened. Cybersecurity Law is passed, so the Government can legally spy on companies, and tap into the internet, to view "traffic" related to terror threats (sound familiar NZ?). 

- Charlie Hebdo happened. As a result, France passes law to spy on it's citizens "in the name of public safety" (whatever). The new bill "allows intelligence agencies to tap phones and emails", sound familiar NZ?

- ISIS is happening (although this seems not to be a False Flag, more like using separatists trained by CIA(?) to get countries involved in fighting in Iraq again). Laws are being changed everywhere, countries are committing to the war, which if you know your history, it's all about the oil and about making money, because war is good business.

My point is, this is all happening, and is gaining speed. It's all about scaremongering, and look at what's happened in Australia and Canada recently, it's along the same lines, and John Key is trying (and doing) the same here, making the masses (the sheeple) think they need the Government to protect them, from (the "boogie man") "terrorism", "lone nutters", "cults", when the only people we need protected from are the Right-wing (and some Left-wing) Governments implementing what is known as the "New World Order" (http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/New_World_Order).
I'm worried for future generations, our kids, as they are the ones who will live in this if we let it happen, but it IS happening as we speak. Look at the people who don't see it, there's alot of them, as they are part of it, without even knowing it. I'm afraid that even people on this page don't get it, they laugh it off. It's time to Open Your Eyes folks, stop being a "follower", take note of how the Media reports things, especially over the recent history.
Time to Wake Up."

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Good list there, nice job. 

You could add the vaccine push and the GMO propaganda to it.

Please copy and share this, in whole or in part. I have put forth much effort in this battle.
Herd immunity is a lie, herd mentality however...hmmm.

Modern medicine fails to recognize that childhood diseases are self resolving and treatable, leaving behind a natural immunity. Vaccines are an attempt to break down our DNA, spirituality and minds; along with flouride, pharmacueticals, gmo's, processed foods and other environmental toxins.  Detox every day..
Disease cannot thrive in the body under these conditions; proper nutrition, proper blood ph and proper oxygenation. Doctors prescribe intervention that complicates and increases risks. Can we $ee an alterior motive in that? 
There are many God given, natural cures for ALL ailments, including those manipulated and created in labs. Colloidal silver alone kills over 650 bacteria and viruses. There are many Cancer killers, the most potent of which are, Cannabis oil, curcumin from turmeric, black seed, and DMSO. 
If you have any interest in healing or curing yourself, you will do the necessary research. Suppressed and forgotten knowledge will always remain, regardless of ignorance. Seek and you will find.

I fail to see how anyone would want to entrust their children's well-being to those who will profit from vaccinating them & have a complete lack of accountability in the event those vaccines hurt or kill that child.

"It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong." ~Thomas Sowell 

I find it ironic, that the pro-vaccine fanatics are looking to hold non-vaccinating people legally & financially responsible for the spread of diseases, when those who push vaccines (which can cause myriad issues including death, lifelong disability, autoimmune disorders, & circulating virulent strains of the very diseases they are supposed to protect against) have been unconstitutionally shielded from any liability or accountability for harms done to people by their dangerous products. 

If vaccine proponents want to start throwing liability claims around, those claims would be more justifiably directed towards those deliberately allowing themselves or their families to be injected with vaccines of limited efficacy which can then go on to shed & spread infectious diseases to others.

Vaccines have some pretty specific warnings listed in their inserts, that one would generally think of as deal-breakers when it came to willingness to be injected with or have our children injected with the substances.

Vaccines will tell you right in the inserts that they have not been evaluated for carcinogenic (creates cancer) or mutagenic potential (damages DNA which can cause all sorts of issues including autoimmune disorders & various afflictions currently listed as genetic disorders), or potential to impair pregnancy. They will also list that it is not known whether they can cause fetal harm or affect reproduction capacity. (possibility of hurting growing babies, spontaneous abortions, &/or sterilization)

The lists of disturbing adverse events/reactions, possible side-effects, & even just the omissions where there is a conspicuous lack of research in areas that should not be neglected such as the capacity to give you cancer, damage your genes, harm your babies, or sterilize you speaks volumes - as does the fact that these companies & the governments who endorse them are known not so much for their integrity as their lack of it. 

Should you witness your child suffer a reaction, or even die, the healthcare community has been trained to misconstrue the situation, often dismissing the parents, in what can accurately be referred to as "Medical Gaslighting".

If vaccines are so safe, why do those who create & push them need special protections outside of our justice system which undermine people's constitutionally protected rights to hold them liable when they cause harm?

We need to start working to put an end to the legal immunities they enjoy, & start going after the people within our legal systems who are using their political platforms as a means of practicing medicine as they work to mandate medical procedures, removing our rights to bodily integrity & informed consent.

Those who create, push, & profit from vaccines should never have been granted legal immunity for the harms that their vaccines can cause those who are subjected to them & now, much like the approach taken by Monsanto suing people whose crops are contaminated with their genetic pollution, there is an aggressive push to not only shield the corporations who are causing harm, but to remove our rights to refuse, & reverse liability onto those under assault by their practices. 

The writing has been on the wall for quite some time now. Our fascist institutions & media have been grooming the public through their steady onslaught of propaganda & witch-hunting yellow journalism, to create an outcry for the re-criminalization of refusing to vaccinate. (It's been outlawed before, & there's a reason people put a stop to it, fighting for the protections that are currently under attack.)

If we don't step up the fight against the consistent barrage of assaults on our freedoms to choose & refuse - we will lose them & be completely at the mercy of others - such as our corrupt, fascist governments & the corporations they are enmeshed with - none of whom are known for their integrity or compassion, so much as its absence.

If you don't have the right to refuse, then you have no rights at all. May the spirit of discernment be with you
In all sincerety, I remain, 
Paul Ward
Copyright 2014 (all rights reserved without prejudice)

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There's also the NDAA!  Great post btw and welcome!

​Thank you. I'm newish to this, but I've been aware ever since 9/11, it was like my wake up call. Cheers.

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Good list there, nice job. 

You could add the vaccine push and the GMO propaganda to it.

​Thanks, I will add that. I've learned about Thiomersal lately too. Yet people either don't know about it being in vaccines, or they don't care. They should, it's a form of Mercury FFS. Cheers Lucy.

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​Thanks five4ty. We're talking about the TPPA alot here in NZ. People are protesting, organising protests, and lobbying their parliamentary representatives. Not going down too well here. But, we have a Right-wing leader (John Key the ponytail puller) who wants to pass it without discussion. He has passed things before here, even when a referendum voted in opposition to what he wanted. He has his own agenda, and it is pissing alot of people off. Yet, he still gets voted in. Won three elections in a row, even when it looked like he would lose. Something is amiss here. Wouldn't surprise me if the voting was rigged.

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