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Dimension Hopping Tonight!!!

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 root    17

Alright folks! Tonight is the night!  Your friendly resident Psyconaut is back from the Darkside with some goodies! Finially got my hands on some DMT, and tonight we are gonna try our hands at somthing I have coined as "Dimension Hopping." Kinda like "Candy Flipping" or "Nexus Flipping" but there be no MDMA here folks! Going full tilt with 300ugs of 1p-lsd and during the peak we will be smoking this DMT.  I cant wait!  Have any questions? ask away! I'll try to answer....assuming i'm still on the planet!

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 root    17

Whew….WOW what an experience! This stuff took a lot out of me. I am finally coherent enough to write a decent report.  I guess I’ll start from the beginning….. (this may get pretty long)


My fellow Psychonauts and I met up around 8PM at my place. Everyone excited for THIS trip.  We are all very experienced with a variety of psychedelics but the two in question on this day where entirely new to us.  1p-lsd and the “spirit molecule” DMT. 

And so our journey begins…


We all get comfy in the “trip room” which is really just my living room done up with some crazy colored lights lol.  We pull out our new stash and  cut some blotters off their sheets.   We decide we will all do 300ugs (micrograms) of the 1p; which is 3 hits each. After cut we place our dose under the tongue until they melt away. To pass time on the come-up we start watching Trip Tank….witch is always good for a laugh.


I can already feel the body-load setting in.  This 1p makes me feel bloated lol. Tracers are starting to form and I’m seeing the familiar wobbly text whenever I look at my phone or the computer screen.


It is coming on fast! Tracers becoming much more apparent.  This 1p seems to be much different in terms of visuals that other lysergimides like al-lad or eth-lad, Instead of fractals and geometric shapes,  I feel like I am looking through a fishbowl….everything is flowing  faces are starting to look distorted.  At this point we decide that Trip Tank isn’t cutting it so we turn that off and queue up one of my favorite games to play while tripping…Audio Surf 2. Great visual game with wonderful trace music.   


HOLY SHIT! I have never tripped so hard off such a small dose of a compound. Tracers are now ridiculous! Every time I pass my hand across my face it looks like true slow motion.  I see 6 or 7 instances of my hand every time it passes. When my friends walk through my field of vision I also see 6 or seven instances of their body passing by me.  Very similar to the effects in the movie Hypercube when they are traveling through the variable time speed rooms.  At this point, text is unreadable like a wobbly mess. This is when the confusion set in. Audio Surf becomes too difficult to play.  Trying to string together a sentence is next to impossible.  The room is tilting back and forth both of my friends’ faces are stretching and contorting in crazy ways.  It is hard to walk without grabbing on to something.  


At this point we can all feel the peak coming…. Energy levels are greatly increased, I feel like I need to change my setting so I manage to tell my friends that I am going outside to have a smoke…they both joined me and now we find ourselves outside starring at all the wonders of nature….trees were swaying branches morphing into faces and everything has a familiar green, yellow,  blue, and red halos. The moon is the brightest I have ever seen it and the clouds seem to be moving faster than I have ever seen before… it was beautiful!  We all kind of lost ourselves when we went outside spent quite a bit of time just starring at the wonders of nature.  After some time we joined back up and started to discuss the next step in this ride….our DMT.  We all figured this is the best time for it as we were all surely peaking by this time. So we go back in greeted by some amazing trance music by Tycho. 


Now this is where our journey hit light speed.  I managed to locate my pipe after some searching and loaded half a bowl with some great green placed two DMT crystals weighing about 40mg total then loaded the rest with some more green.  We do this because DMT is very harsh to smoke on its own.

  Now normally you would want to be very comfortable when you smoke DMT, if not lying down because the effects are almost instant, which is what my friends did. One laid down on the couch, the other on my overstuffed leather chair…I however I had heard a story about someone looking in the mirror during their DMT experience so I decided to stand in front of my large picture mirror.

With the trance music playing in the background I looked at myself in the mirror raised the bowl to my mouth, lit it and inhaled about half the bowl.  Held it for as long as I could, then before I could think about it I took a second hit just as big as the first. When I exhaled I could hear a very loud ringing in my head….The ringing became louder and louder until it suddenly stopped, when the ringing stopped I was looking at my eyes in the mirror, one eye became a ball of yellow light swirling around in my eye socket. It was growing larger and before I knew it my entire head was one swirling ball of bright yellow light. This took me back and I stumbled a bit bracing myself against the wall the mirror was on.  When I stepped back I was transported to a snowy cliff.  I wasn’t seeing myself in the mirror anymore….but I was still in front of the mirror,  I could look down and see my body, it was engulfed in the bright yellow light and I was walking around the snowy cliff.  All of a sudden I see a creature sitting on a rock this creature looked very similar to a squid but it had reptilian like skin and it was blue.  I stood in front of the creature speechless….It was smoking something out of what looked like some crazy hookah.  After it took a long draw from a hose the creature spoke to me.  It said “what are you doing here?” Still speechless I said nothing.  The creature then said “You shouldn’t be here.”  The creature motioned for me to come toward it so I did, but I wasn’t walking it felt like I was hovering just above the ground.  When I came closer the creature jetted out a tentacle and wrapped it around my right arm which was still engulfed in the bright yellow light. When it’s tentacle wrapped around my arm I felt a huge surge of electricity. All I could see in front of me after that was like a vacant room with walls that had swirling patterns on them similar to an “electric sheep” kind of image after a while in this room the walls started to break apart and behind them was the mirror I was starring in.  I could see my face and I was no longer a ball of light.  My pupils were huge! Like never before and my mouth was wide open.  I couldn’t stand anymore so I slumped down on the floor and tried to reflect on the experience….starring at the celling for about 15 minutes.


Back from our journeys we all discussed what we had seen.  All of our trips had been crazy to say the least.  I won’t go into details about my friends’ trips but suffice it to say we were all transported somewhere else.

Energy was gone….I felt not tired but just void of all energy, I was still having some pretty decent visuals from the 1p but was definitely off peak.  As everyone seemed to be in the same spot I decided we needed some energy….It was still early! So I pulled out my stash of al-lad…. Cut up 9 blotters and gave 3 to everyone.  Al-lad always kicks my energy up.


As the al dissolved on our tongues we all came to the realization we need to queue up a movie because this shit was going to hit us quick.  So a quick search through my library found something recently downloaded that looked sweet “Everest” 2015 a movie with great mountain visuals.  As the movie started out we were still feeling the 1p, and felt the al-lad start to take hold….al is much friendlier than 1p, feels very electric and gives some great visuals. All I can say is the combination of various compounds we had ingested had all come together at this point and this movie blew my freaking mind…..the snowy mountain scenes reminded me of my DMT experience….and one of my friends completely flipped his lid watching the amazing scenes.  Our brains were totally scrambled, but in a very good way….the movie left us breathless…


After the movie both of my friends were feeling pretty tired so they decided to pack up and drive home…..I was not tired in the least, so I started watch all kinds of different stuff, and playing some games.  Before I knew it, it was light out and a brand new day….I didn’t get to sleep that next day until 7:30pm and for the next two days I was so dead tired and just seemed like a zombie.

All in all this was definitely an epic experience and would do it again for sure! Saw things that blew my mind and learned some new things about myself.


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 seeker    90

your 'friend' was right,

stay away from the mirror (even when straight it is a good idea)


glad you are back, was wondering how you fared

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sounds like a trip for sure!  Maybe one taken a little too far ... toke later man! >.<


I've never done that drug, but nature on such drugs are much liked by and in, the real world I think.  I like you got up to go outside.  shows power and why I think being weighed down by friends in such monumental moments is... not advantageous.


Thanks for the details.  The man in vision..stuff real world dreams are made of, the potential existence of beings outside our reality but very much real I think is invaluable to our understanding of the universe as we become (hopes) fully a member of the collective.  Maybe had you waited and not taken the next hit, you would have been welcomed and not told 'yo too f***ed up man' heh.  Next time. 



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 root    17

Thanks for the responses folks. Man this was a deep journey.


Nope no 4 day weekend unfortunately. Lol, the Monday after my experience I had to give a speech to a group of 43 people at 8:30am...lol that was not fun I was so dead. After the speech I had to teach an advanced MS Excel certification class, I was just phoneing it at that point.  Sleep was very good that night lol.


I think the mirror was a great idea.  What I was trying to achieve by standing in front of the mirror was something known as "ego death", this is where one looses all sense of self and starts thinking about things not in terms of how it relates to oneself but how it relates to the collective.  I had experienced this once before on a very high dose of the real lucy and and it absolutely changed my life.  I sort of achived this feeling when I was "transported" to this "other world" but it was very short lived.  I would very much be interested in trying ayahuasca as the experience lasts much longer.


Some things I have learned from all my experiences with psychedelics is that you can never go to far.  Each journey has somthing to teach you and by pushing the envelope so to speak, you can really break through learn new things about yourslef and achieve new ways of thinking.  It can even help you make tough decisions about your own life.  Even so called "bad trips" have somthing to teach you. Always smoke DMT with weed unless you want to puke. and always have a good ammount on you when you trip and use a vaporizer. It can really kick -up the trip.

Next up is a large dose of the 1p this weekend.  will see where that takes me.

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