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Guitar Doc

Astronaut's skin got younger.

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Just read this on one of my NZ news outlets.

Fascinating stuff from a German scientist who used to work in Wellington's Victoria University. He was back telling students of his experience on the ISS.




This caught my attention "My skin got younger while I was in space. We don't have a clue why, but we think it might be very relevant to research here on Earth." Holy Shit! I can see skin tours to space in the future.

And this

One highlight of the mission was installing a furnace that could suspend and cool molten metal in mid-air.

"Some of these [metals'] properties can only be found out if you let this piece of molten metal float for a minute without touching anything. 

Very interesting. Reminded me of the 44 Gallon drum experiments carried out on the old shuttle missions where a person could hire out space (roughly the size of a 44 gallon drum) on the shuttle to perform experiments. I remember one CT magazine telling of casting metal in Zero G in some of these experiments to obtain very strong metal latices (like the titanium ones the Russians cast in low orbit).


Some good photos of Wellington from space in the article as well.

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Is this how they are going to squeak out that they have reverse aging stuff?  lol, I read about this 20 yrs ago in science journals, which did say they should be ready for the public around 2015 or so.   All we need is a specific hormone our bodies stop making about age 18.... with that hormone, we will get younger (if over 18).  

If they told the truth about anything ever, the sun would probably explode.

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