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Ayatollah Khamenei Again Said that the Holocaust is Maybe Fake ... Do we really have to go to Iran to find truth anymore?

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 Rothbard    1,850

From the article:

"Iran's supreme leader on Wednesday once again repeated provocative assertions about the Holocaust, defying the world on a day that it paused to remember the victims of the Nazi genocide in Europe."


I guess America and Israel are going to have to bomb the s*** out of Iran for spilling the beans.  I'm sure that Holocaust denial is just a Muslim extremist myth, right?



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 Challenger    109

So, Jews were never targeted at all then, none of the statements attributed to the Nazis were true about Jews being to blame for Germany's problems, nobody ever went to a labor camp, the reports of camps being quickly turned into hospitals as the allies approached were all false, and all the Christians who wrote about being there for helping Jews were all liars?

Point being, that if "holocaust denial" is only about exaggerated numbers of dead Jews, they'd better start being more specific about what they mean, because otherwise it implies that many thousands of people all lied... Germans and Christians, not just Jews.

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