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Flint residents could have children taken away? WTF

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Government poisons the kids, then steals em. Yep, that sounds about the current state of shit. I'll tell ya true, if so asshole came from the same group that was responsable for the fact my child will  now suffer for literally life, and told me to trust him/her while trying to take that child, I will catch my third strike. They should waterboard the whole lot of those dirty politicians and corperate whores with thier own dirty water. So sick of this problem, reaction, and bull as shit f***ing solution. I hope, I geninuely hope a fate worse than death awaits those scum sucking p.o.s. And since I believe in Jesus Christ, and his words that say "How you treat the lest of these" referring to the kids, I got high hopes. I would never normally wish hell on someone, as I actually knows what that entails, but there's a limit to any man's patience, and right now my taxes are paying salaries to people who keep pushing me over the f***in edge. They're begging for revolution, while the average guy like me is begging them to just do their actual f***ing job for once.

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The water district that failed these people thinks they have a god given right to still be paid.  Makes me f***ing sick!

However, on a good note, if you think your own water district is not doing something right, now is the time to turn them in to the EPA to have them investigated.  Since this is a high level issue you can count on the EPA covering it's own ass at least by investigating water complaints like an inquisition.

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