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Mass shooting at Airport Way South in Seattle, at least 5 shot

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 Cinnamon    14,303


A mass shooting with at least five victims has been reported on Airport Way South in Seattle, fire officials say, but few details were immediately available. (more) 

The Seattle Fire Department said it was responding to a "multiple casualty incident" on 1500 Airport Way South, but provided no other details. It said multiple units were responding to the scene and footage from the scene showed a major emergency response.


More at link. ^^^

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 Lucy Barnable    2,656

I've been hearing for a few months that's it's getting bad there and I saw this the other day:

Seattle neighborhoods hire private security amid ‘blatant lawlessness’

Hundreds of homeowners and business people, frustrated over drug and property crimes, are hiring their own security patrols to curb what they see as a long-neglected problem.

For Angie Gerrald, crime in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood has reached a new low. From illegally parked RVs to open drug deals, the longtime resident sees piles of used needles on her routine runs, she said, and other problems she says police sometimes ignore.

“The blatant lawlessness has been a whole new era” this past year, Gerrald said. “There is so little response — so little they [police] can and will do about it.”

Hundreds of residents in Ballard, Queen Anne, Magnolia and Fremont share Gerrald’s frustration over crime and police response near their homes and businesses, and it’s sparked a citizen-led movement to improve surveillance. They cite incidents of burglaries, thefts and illegal drug use over the past year, for instance — crimes they believe are rising with the city’s growth.
Crime data support their complaints, to some extent. Since 2010, police have seen an increase in property-related incidents in Ballard, Queen Anne and Magnolia, though 2015 saw no spikes in such reports, according to the police department’s online crime dashboard. Those crimes include burglaries, larceny and motor-vehicle thefts.


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