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Where does this "ownership of land" come from?

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 toast    164

Ok so now we are at the point in society where there is no land that is not owned by someone. Everywhere you go if you want some land you have to buy it from someone. But how did that person come to own the land? Well they bought it from someone, or it was in their family.

Right but how did it come to the possessions of the first owners? At some point in history someone somewhere had to say, "hey, this is my land here, get off."

But people call conspiracy theorists nut cases but look at this fundamental idea. The very land you live on is owned by someone. Not only that even if you "own" some land if you are in the borders of some country, they can in many cases have the authority to force you off this land if they so choose.

Am i the only one who just get's angry thinking about this stuff? I mean where do they get off? You are born into a life and a monetary system that is forced upon you. 

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 Challenger    109

Why land ownership begins and why it continues are not the same.

If you settled on a spot, spent your life developing it to provide for your family and neighbors, passed it down to your children... why should someone else be allowed to just ruin everything in that spot just because nobody owns it? The idea of owning land is, in my opinion, a right earned by working the land and investing one's labor in it. If someone else wants that land, they should offer fair value for it in exchange.

But ever since all the land on earth has been claimed, those who became very wealthy from it decided to stop the honorable and natural "exchange of value" into them claiming all the value of labor done by others for themselves. And who is any federal government to claim land? They don't work the land, they don't increase its value, they don't have any prior claim of ancestry... yet they claim they own it because they used tax money they stole from people to buy it from other people.

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 Cinnamon    24,649

In the U.S. it started out with land patents. People have forgotten about the patents and need to learn what it means. There is nothing that isn't taxed by someone and most things have multiple taxes on it. Why oh why do we need Federal, State, County and Local governments all demanding their pounds of flesh in the form of taxation? We don't! 

Here’s how land patents work:

  1. The Land was originally acquired within the United States of America by some Treaty.
  2. Your land patent secures the rights of the Treaty upon which the land was originally acquired within the territories of the United States from the Treaty to the individual person named on the patent.
  3. The patent specifically grants the described lands to the party named on the patent and to their heirs and their assigns forever.
  4. The party named on the patent then passes the inheritance, grants, or assigns the patented lands to someone else, which heir or assignee is now named on the patent by that assignment.  The documents that demonstrate such an assignment are often called, “Deeds”.
  5. Because the grantor can not compel you to accept the assignment it is necessary for you to take some action to signify your acceptance of the assignment.  For this reason we use Team Law’s copyrighted “Declaration of Land Patent”.
  6. Once you have accepted the proper assignment of the Land Patent with proper documentation, you are named on the physical Land Patent where it says, “and to his heir and assigns forever”.

It doesn’t matter how many times the land is reassigned.  The patent by its own creation lasts “forever” and belongs to the named party “and to their heirs and assigns forever”.

So what do you do now to secure your Land Patent?
Follow the instructions presented on the following, “Steps to secure a Land Patent”.

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