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Russians In Germany Attack, Destroy Muslim Hostel After Rape

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 Cinnamon    26,056

From: xxxxxx108@mail.ru

Subject:  REPRESENTATIVES of the RUSSIAN DIASPORA IN GERMANY Defeat and Destroyed a HOSTEL of Refugees from the Middle East. The reason for the pogrom of refugees from Middle East was the news about the horrible rape of a Russian girl.

Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2016 15:42:58 +0300

According to the German Patriotic Mass Media: The Russians DOWN TO RELEASE of Western Europe from the Judeo-Nazi occupation. Against the wishes of Israel, the USA and NATO, Russia did not succumb to provocations of the beginning of the war in the East of Ukraine and opened the Second and Third Fronts in Syria and right here, in Germany ...


Defeat and Destroyed a HOSTEL of Refugees from the Middle East
In the German town of Bruchsal,  about 400 Russian immigrants from the former Soviet Union defeated the hostel allocated for placement of refugees from the Middle East.

- See more at: http://rense.com/general96/russgermmuslim.html#sthash.N1oTmRBs.fMHi3WUs.dpuf

No end to this! I am posting all of these things so that, hopefully, when we are invaded and make no mistake, our leadership is headed that direction, you will KNOW what you are dealing with. 

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Team Uzi   
Team Uzi

I love and admire the Russian people.

My Russian friends are extremely loyal and it's not easy to even be excepted into their tight network of family and friends. (speaking the language helps)

If a family member is berated or accosted, there will be at least 3 black Mercedes upon the perp in a New York second.

Nobody messes with Russians.

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