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Stop killer robots before it is too late, scientists tell Davos forum

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 DarkKnightNomeD    1,599

The future is here, now.



Stop killer robots before it is too late, scientists tell Davos forum



The deployment of autonomous weapons would represent a dangerous new era in warfare, scientists said.

"We are not talking about drones, where a human pilot is controlling the drone," said Stuart Russell, professor of computer science at University of California, Berkeley.

"We are talking about autonomous weapons, which means that there is no one behind it. AI: artificial intelligence weapons," he told a forum in Davos. "Very precisely, weapons that can locate and attack targets without human intervention."


But some 1,000 science and technology chiefs including British physicist Stephen Hawking, said in an open letter last July that the development of weapons with a degree of autonomous decision-making capacity could be feasible within years, not decades.

They called for a ban on offensive autonomous weapons that are beyond meaningful human control, warning that the world risked sliding into an artificial intelligence arms race and raising alarm over the risks of such weapons falling into the hands of violent extremists.

How about the ruling Elite class you Jackass.

I suggest you guys look up this NASA WAR DOCUMENT video that is around on youtube ASAP.

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 YourMom2    1,280

The loss of humanity among the ruling elite is what causes people to become violent extremists. More and more people just don't give a fvck anymore because they can't envision a brighter future than the dismal oppressive landscape wrought upon us by the overlords. Everybody knows the air, water and food are far too polluted and not likely to improve under current corruption.

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