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Another California Bill Would Ban ‘Bullet Button’ Weapons

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 DarkKnightNomeD    1,650

:JSfrXsb:       And that's all I have to say about this......

So tell me your thoughts about these DEADLY BULLET BUTTONS that allow you reload. They sound pretty dangerous if you ask me.....


Another California Bill Would Ban ‘Bullet Button’ Weapons



Another California bill seeks to close a legal loophole that allows firearms to include “bullet buttons” to rapidly exchange empty ammunition magazines for full ones.


SB880 would add military-style semi-automatic weapons with detachable magazines to the list of guns prohibited under California’s assault weapons ban.





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 Groove    1,442

This is retarded that release  Is not called a bullet button. These people don't even know what their talking about to introduce the bill. In Cali and NY the bullet button only allows you load one round at a time into a mag that is pretty much permanently attached to the weapon. Besides if the ban it for is I want it banned for police and military also since their also citizens, their not above the law after all. 


Seriously. Why they can't those idiots at least learn the terminology. 

Edited by Groove

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