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Jewish Terrorists Demand Obama Destroy Their Enemies

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 rbear    240

he Simon Wiesenthal Center on Friday called on President Barack Obama to convene a summit to deal with rising levels of anti-Semitism around the world.

“Last year was a disastrous year. We are confronting an unprecedented and toxic combination of terrorist threats, an online sub-culture of hate and theologically and ideologically fueled anti-Semitism. … To defeat anti-Semitism, we need to build new coalitions," explained the center's associate dean Rabbi Abraham Cooper. orig

 If there’s one group of terrorist Barack Obama has not done enough for, it’s Jewish terrorists.

“Oy vey, if people have freedom of speech they will begin hating us for no reason whatsoever. We must fight against this random hatred which exists against us, absolutely everywhere, for literally no reason. Help us shut them down, king!” added

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Trump asks Saudi prince whether he has taken any refugees.

The poop tells Jews they don't need Christ for Salvation?


I don't think Obama is going to do anything to help anybody but muslims.  

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