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(Khazaria) Israeli Jews Begin Cucking Themselves for Blacks

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 rbear    240

The Jews continue to get high on their own supply of crazy juice.

The editorial board of the Israeli newspaper Haaretz is now calling for the Blacks to be released from their concentration camps and onto the streets of Tel Aviv.

Two years ago, a baby Eritrean girl, Kako Yamena, was stabbed in the head by an Israeli attacker in Tel Aviv and seriously injured. A European country last week granted asylum to Kako and her family, after Israel refused to do so. This is a shameful and difficult moment for Israel, and requires much soul-searching about the state’s attitude toward asylum seekers.

The bill proposed by Zionist Union to rehabilitate the neighborhoods of south Tel Aviv and to geographically disperse asylum seekers throughout the country is worthy of real consideration, and is an opportunity for the government to reconsider its position. Israel’s attitude to asylum seekers should not lead to a confrontation between the right and left, but should be discussed as a separate issue from other disputes between the camps.

The barrier that was erected along the Israel-Egypt border in 2012 has almost completely halted the flow of asylum seekers into the country.

I thought that was impossible?

I was told the invention of ladders made border walls completely obsolete.

There are now an estimated 41,000 asylum seekers living here who hail fromEritrea and Sudan. It is impossible to return them to their countries of origin because of the prevailing situations, which would put their lives and liberty at risk.

What’s more, the Jewish women love them.


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