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What do you call this kind of government? Name it.

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 Cinnamon    14,474

All online activity tracked. 

Phone calls collected in bulk data bases.

No fly lists.

No due process to be removed from No Fly List.

No explanation as to how you get on a list. 

Background checks for guns. (They are only allowed to keep NICS for 6 months. How many believe this is not a Federal Firearms Registry?) 

Government making huge attempts at disarming law abiding citizens. 

Biometrics used as identifiers by the government. 

NDAA approves the killing of U.S. citizens. 

Government leaves borders open for terrorists and millions of illegal immigrants.

Media is completely corrupted. 

Government works with U.N. to bring in other immigrants into the U.S. (Muslims)

Need a license to fish, hunt, drive, build, own a business. 

Public workers are paid more and get better benefits than a person working in the private sector. 

The IRS can keep you from leaving the country if you owe more than $50,000.00 in taxes. 

Huge chunks of money are taken from your paycheck before you even see it, to pay for welfare programs. 

BLM, the stewards of the largest tracts of land are selling them off to foreign corporations for pennies on the dollar. 

Largest pork producer in the U.S. was sold to China recently. Govt. approved. 

Pay by the mile you drive is on the table. 

Climate change denial is a mental disease. 

Veterans are losing the very rights they fought for. 

President rules by executive orders OR rule changes within ABC agencies. (End run around the constitution).

President has done more to foment hate between blacks and whites than any other president. 

President is a Marxist.

President may not even be eligible for the presidency.

Water is being taken over by private corporations. 

Energy is to skyrocket in price by design. (shutting of coal plants etc.)

Wars without end all over the globe. 

Any sign of contempt from the masses, after govt. has exhausted paperwork possibilities, is met with the barrel of a gun. 

No food supply stockpiled for the population. 

No water security for the population. 

Taxpayers bail out banks who are irresponsible. 

Crumbling infrastructure all over the country. 

Common Core in schools. 

GMOS outlawed in other countries, but we produce them here. 

Foster children lost from care and sold for sex slaves. 

Doctors to question you about firearm possession and report to govt.

See something, Say something. 

Shelter in place "orders", searches without warrants. 





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 YourMom2    1,274

Suicidal. The more oppressive they become, the more they dig their own grave.

It's like watching an ongoing series of Dr. Evil. Good always triumphs over evil, the plot line of thousands of stories. Living in the story can be rather tricky which is why I always advocate detachment.



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