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Inside the “Refugee Centers:” A Worker Speaks

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Death threats against welfare workers, aggressive behavior, lies, forged documents, verbal abuse, misogyny, sexual attacks, and even physical assaults—these are the daily burdens which German social workers in the “refugee centers” have to face, according to a disillusioned employee who has broken her silence.

The worker—who has to remain anonymous for fear of repercussions—described her working conditions, and her disillusionment with the nonwhite invaders after having initially supported the “refugees,” to the German N24 TV news channel.

In the interview, titled “I can’t take it anymore” (Ich halte es dort nicht mehr aus,N24, 18.01.2016), the social worker, who has been working full time at a Hamburg-based “refugee reception center,” starts off by describing how enthusiastic she was to get the job to help the “refugees” because she supported the invasion:

“I have applied for this job because it was exactly what I wanted to do,” she said.

“By the time that the confirmation [that I had got the job] finally arrived in my mailbox, I was looking forward to it like crazy.

“I finally could not only help in theory, but also really do something practical to help the refugees.”

Accordingly, she continued, “I went in high spirits to my first day in the initial reception center.

“Naturally I was very excited, as one always is on the first working day of a new job…It is certainly truly super here, I thought to myself.”

Over the next few days, she said, she threw herself into the work, which consisted of providing counselling services to the 1,500 or more nonwhite invaders at the center.

“I was responsible for attending to all refugee social problems, of helping them in the asylum application procedure, and making medical appointments when they needed them,” she told N24.


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