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Pseudo-Intellectuals and Ways to Spot Them

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"Welcome class! I've spent about one year on youtube..." - A true masters degree, no doubt. 

Two minute intro >.>

o.o The rant that follows I would like to call the 2+2=17

Add homie indeed e.e 

4:51 - It's a step in the right direction. But yeah, that dismis can be frustating sometimes. But staying mad about it more than sixity minutes means they did win, and you realize and yet are still doing it lol that's cool. 

So this is a self confession? Bold. I respect the balls to introspect one's self on a world stage. ^.^; >.> 

"Reasonable to infer" - is dangerous on a medium in which tone is created by the reader. o.o just sayin >.>


Even as a hyperbole, I wouldn't have used his example for how to properly infer. o.o But I'm one of those people >.>

9:26 - Who does this guy hang out with? Jesus Christ, I would pimp slap a fool for that correction. -.- Wasting my time with fancy name for glass.

12:00 - Citing sources that they haven't read o.o is also know as the Trump method ^.^

13:22 - Bible Fight! (just google it...i don't want to accently chop the vid in and not just the link)

How do you incredably dismis the tradgey of rape?

His first example is killing women, the next is rape. This dude might want to take an introspection of why those are the first things that pop in his head when he gives examples e.e 

So he sees converstaions as a bout. I kinda get that. But you realize the outcome is fixed by the Truth, right? (<--- Solid Gold, admit it)

Die alone? WTF, this dude hangs out in some stupid forums lol. If you're being informed you spend too much time talking to someone else then I would simply inform they've been with me on trip every step. It's cool. But murder? Relax, Mohammad, we can agree to disagree o.o 

"What have we learned today?"

That people take those on the internet too seriously because of a need for thier communion, and that's depressing.  

God bless, and those last words, that's good times. 

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