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The Rise Of Anti Militia Propaganda

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 Ninja    23

I wonder why I see so much anti-militia propaganda sometimes. We have a segment of the population who believes the government has become the enemy and are standing up to it, which is in line with the founding fathers of our country who fought a revolution against England who imposed far fewer restrictions, taxes and unjust laws on us than our current government does. We have police who murder thousands of people. We have bankers who steal 16 trillion dollars, destroy the middle class and reduce us to a kind of feudalism. We have a prison industrial complex which DEMANDS that we imprison a minimum number of people regardless of their alleged crime. We have a pharmaceutical industry which would rather innefectively treat your illness than allow you to cure it with cheap alternatives which they would prefer you do not know about.

The only conclusion I can come to is that on one level, the propaganda works, and people being the sheepy herd animals they are, just go along with it and believe it. On another level they are probably just as unhappy with the system but are so reliant on it for their survival that they would fight tooth and nail to preserve their own slave masters. On another level they are probably angry at their own cowardice, knowing that they would never have the balls to act out against the all powerful empire, and this self loathing is too much for them to deal with so they project it on the only people who show resistance. I suppose when you are a spineless jellyfish, it scares you when people grow a backbone.

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