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Just a Veteran

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(Copied from DJ) thx.


Blessings to you all,


I am a military veteran (retired) who has seen this people of the union become disillusioned by what amounts to an act or charade about how the people need to wake up and stand up. I've heard it for years about how the only thing for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. I'm not suggesting no one wake up or any of that, I'm suggesting perhaps a different look at things. 


Asking someone to take up arms and arm others and fight an enemy takes a special type of requester and a special type of respondent, not to mention a well armed Army looking for such an inside "threat" would squash something like that in short order. However, I'll give an example of what I feel we should as not just Americans but as "just" people looking for equal footing in this life do. I believe the war is between ourselves in as much that when we congregate around an idea of republican or democrat we in a sense sell our inheritance as individual freethinkers and allow or permit someone else's ideas to become the narrative, all of us know how if we don't heed history that we're doomed to yada yada yada. 


So what do we do? Why not re-make history? Okay, how? Social media? Every avenue is "blockaded" so to speak and heavily manipulated, I don't believe a "room" full of anonymous usernames would ever be able to communicate effectively or concisely you have many problems with "straw man" arguments "red herring" and the list goes on, these are ineffective in motivating the issue towards a defined solution; therefore those types of forums are ineffective for real change and actually used largely as a venting session to bleed off the pressure needed to catalyze and harden a solution to a problem. Get involved in state political vetting for your leaders because the constitution says we are "participants" in the union as in the states have power as proved by Texas in the past. Also don't forget what some of these people applying for the job of commander of this country have allowed to happen or done in their capacity as elected to do the "best job they could".  So an example is Hillary Clintn let us NOT forget the actions or inactions of Ben gawzi we have members in Congress (our representatives) asking these questions to deafening silence, this American woman is sidestepping a transparent and unclouded look at the events motivated by her own hand involved in this event. 


We are the ones that these broadcasts are aimed at, someone who can't answer concisely about those events is asking you "the people" to seat them in a chair that imparts extreme power. Our oversight committee is noticeably unimpressed with her handling of the burden of proof so why should you be satisfied? My message is simple (Don't Forget) make shirts to wear around for a few hours on certain days imposing on the viewers to ask questions, use sky writers with a short message that will spark long term interest or use the factual information itself, make profile pics on FB. Much like the overlay for the French support community create something that is a visual reminder, make up an email listing of likeminded inquiring minds and reach out just to remind people of how justice has not yet been served. Social media hashtags may be a way to do this but like I stated before its manipulated so be aware.

I have followed ® rep for South Carolina Trey Gowdy asking all the right questions and I think his often heard phrase "I will not yield" is more than just a carry that's used in court it culminates how I feel in this circus of lying and confusion. It's time, it has been time that we become at tourneys at law, particularly the laws this country has its foundation in "we the people" is not JUST a slogan it's a motto that resonates in the hearts of a free people and has for centuries. If we say nothing then what will resonate in the hearts of people for the centuries to come? Tell everyone you know about what happened educate people in bursts on the "meat of this issue". If not, then we will get the leader we deserve AGAIN! Thank you for reading and please pick one issue, this one. See it through don't get distracted that is an assault tactic, DIS-traction is in fact the opposite of traction. "I will not yield". -Juan Voyce

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