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What Happened When The Antichrist Revealed Himself?

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Gods true children know.

He will wait until chaos rages everywhere. He will create a false peace with an 'unlikely' alliance that the whole world fear. If it were possible, even the elect would be fooled. 

The masses will then praise him. He will move at a very swift pace, he knows he hasnt much time left. He will negotiate peace agreements in many war-torn nations.  He will be praised and admired, again, with an extraordinary devotion by seas of people the world over. 
 He has linked up with the world banks to create a new, powerful, financial system. Many business and political leaders will implement all his plans. They've already sold thier souls.

Soon, a horrific false flag will be created, to start this new world economy. 
Mystery Babylon, is the center power from which the world’s elite and rich will trade. It will 'seem' to be the source of great good, so that everyone 'would' benefit in every way,  jobs, commercial goods, homes, and the 'fake' food they eat.

 He and his false prophet, will create a global partnership, which will be 'presented' as a great humanitarian movement. The world will love this new System, and the unsaved and deceived will embrace it. Everything will 'seem' to be getting better.

The world will be told this new Babylon is to glorify this Man of False peace,  and to embrace mother nature, clean the environment and end poverty. Riches will be poured out from Her filthy mouth.

When this takes place, YAHWEH will flip this planet on its axis. He warned His children of this obomanation, straight from the depths of Hell. Are you already 'marked'? 
Great signs will be  shown to all those who have 'accepted' this 'insult' to His Holy Name. Putrid and grievous sores. 

He will shake the world and it will tilt. No man will be able to ignore His shaking. Then He will throw fire upon one third of the Earth. Soon, famine will be seen because of the deliberate contamination of the Earth by Satans influence. As he inflicts his wickedness upon unsuspecting people in many nations, YAHWEH will strike back.

The suffering will be hard to endure, but endure it, Yahushua will cut it short, darken the sun, raise HIS dead, and His elect will be changed, in the twinkling of an eye.
His Love is great, but His Judgement will be swift and His punishment great. Then the WRATH will be poured out.

I know that the time is at hand, And I am as the wise virgin.

Pray without ceasing during the times of these trials. Pray you are found worthy to escape. Only 144,000 of us, marked by God will have His devine protection through what is coming. Many will be tried and purified, but it wouldnt be necessary had they received the truth when it was given. Here, is the patience of the saints. 
His wW'Ill'  be done.

Nothing can, or will, stop the Day of The Lord from being fulfilled.

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