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Cold prompts homeless man to damage police car in order to go to jail

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- As the temperatures outside keep dropping, the numbers of people seeking warmth in homeless shelters across the metro, keeps getting higher.

According to Kansas City police, a homeless man took a brick from his coat on Monday and threw it at a police car in the Central Patrol parking lot. Police said it broke a front headlight lens and scratched the front bumper.

Police said the man then got on the ground and said, "I give up." Police said the man told them he wanted to go to jail because he was cold and didn't like the shelters. The man was taken into custody.



This is just sad! There's not much info about the guy who threw the brick, but I do know that people get ripped off in shelters and they are very creepy places where you are surrounded by strangers. (I guess he's been to both or just thought jail is better?)  You never know when you're going to go broke and end up out on the streets, thanks to a shit economy and some people are just more vulnerable than others, economically and socially. 

The really sad part is that we spend trillions of dollars and can't even give people on the streets a safe and warm place, they're asking people to donate. After all the taxes we pay, it still isn't enough to give a homeless person a cot, a blanket and some warm air so they don't freeze to death.  We're better off spending that money to bomb the hell out of the middle east for decades with nothing to show for it. 

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As much as I despise the welfare state and handouts to undeservers, this should be a no-brainer in towns everywhere. Not free bunks and grub for all, but seriously. There are so many empty buildings everywhere that would be cheap to rehabilitate. Churches and charities could provide hot meals for next to nothing. But, as usual, red tape and lazy gov workers will not allow it. I'd like to halve the number of federal and state employees with useless desk jobs. Some of them can work in safe shelters. The Salvation Army does not have the manpower to staff their facilities properly. Yes, yes. If Big Gov gets involved, they will screw it up. It's how they roll.

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