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The Secret Oil War Has Begun | Mounting calls on Wall Street for $20 oil

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It's getting bad. Also - Why in the hell is Gas at 2 dollars shouldn't it be at 1.00$ to 1.50$ ??!?!?

If you google 20$ Oil, you will see a lot of doom and gloom articles from mid to late December till now.

The Secret Oil War Has Begun



We have seen it before, more often than we can guess, manipulated events, phony confrontations, false flag terrorism, staged mass killings and a cast of characters, financial “titans,” sleazy Washington types along with admirals and generals festooned and bespeckled with phony decorations for imaginary chair bound bravery.

The war began between the holidays, Christmas and New Year. It wasn’t found on a battlefield, not all of it anyway, it was found in boardrooms, the public restrooms where business is done secretly in Washington, and in the Straits of Hormuz. Here is what happened:

The powerful Koch Brothers, whose secret donations control America’s press, not just Fox News and InfoWars, but all of it, television and movies, thousands of internet websites and even comment boards, particularly financial boards where rumors that manipulate markets are spread, started it.

The attack was two pronged:

Create a phony one day oil shortage by misreporting US production and inventories. That had to be done on a much larger than usual scale because of Obama’s new policy of allowing American crude oil exports.

Inform paid stooges at the Pentagon to report an incident in the Persian Gulf, either by staging one or, if necessary, even killing Americans and blaming Iran. They had done this many times before as covered in Jeff Stein’s Washington Post myopic on Veterans Today editor Gwyneth Todd. The Pentagon, in 2007, attempted to assassinate Todd, then working for the State Department in Bahrain, and blame Iran.

The oil shortage, 2.6 million barrels removed from the books, drove price up nearly a dollar a barrel. This combined with an imaginary Iranian missing firing only one kilometer away from the American aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, had a powerful effect for 24 hours.

Saudi Arabia had pushed the majority of their flagging investment portfolio, run to nothing through waste, pouring cash into ISIS and their war in Yemen. As oil prices crashed to 1970s levels, they moved remaining funds into the bond markets.

These markets had been buoyed recently by Janet Yellen’s treasuries rate interest increase at “the Fed” after a years of cuts that had destroyed the remaining savings and money-market income of American retirees who had not been already crushed by the staged Bush crash of 2008.


This one is a PRO article - I cannot find the full text ATM - Could be short or long.

Mounting calls on Wall Street for $20 oil



He added: "Some analysts' most drastic price scenarios could be realized, but not for the reasons suggested. Oil is particularly levered to the U.S. dollar. ... Given the continued U.S. dollar appreciation, $20 to $25 oil price scenarios are possible simply due to currency."

Morgan Stanley follows Goldman Sachs' $20 oil downside risk call last month on OPEC maintaining production and storage capacity reaching constraints.

"We reiterate our concern that 'financial stress' may prove too little too late to prevent the market from having to clear through 'operational stress' with prices near cash costs to force production cuts, likely around $20/barrel," Goldman Sachs' Damien Courvalin wrote in a note to clients Dec. 17.

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If we go by the old prices for gas at the pumps vs the price per barrel back 20-30 years ago, our current prices should be lower at the pumps.  But we have to factor in all those new tax increases they added over the years too, the gas taxes, so $20 barrels won't be the same price $20 barrels were at the pumps 30 years ago compared to now.

There is definitely an oil war going on with TPTB it seems, I'm enjoying the savings but all good things come to an end.  Good = low cost, not the fact that we're still using oil to power anything, lol.

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just remember. Oil prices connect to wars. When the prices drop a war is soon to follow. History does not lie.

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