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World’s First Self-Driving Semi-Truck Arrives In Nevada

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 Talon    716

Daimler, the world’s largest truck manufacturer, has just created the first self-driving semi, which was unveiled Tuesday at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Their system will connect to other autonomous vehicles to avoid heavy traffic, and a radar unit situated on the front bumper monitors objects up to 250 meters away. The vehicle was first tested in Germany, and has since been certified to operate on Nevada’s public roadways.

For now, the company plans on keeping humans in the driver seat, and claims that the driver will remain “the boss of the vehicle.” But it’s safe to assume that as the technology improves, human input may be eliminated altogether. Truck driving is one of the last remaining middle class jobs that is readily hiring, and employs 3.5 million Americans.


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 CalmShock    74

You can be sure they won't be putting the average trucker behind the wheel of these things anytime soon... I know plenty of long distance truckers and trust me, they wouldn't hesitate to abuse the ability to sneak in a few hours of sleep in between partying in each city...

All Daimler needs is for one idiot to push the technology to it's limits and kill a family to have this shoved under the rug for the next few decades.

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