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Armed Militia Ready For A Fight In Oregon - Expecting a fight tonight. Maintaining a defensive posture.

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 CGK    2,166

The kid in the video asked "What's the rush?" I can tell you what the rush is. King Putt is going to announce his gun grab executive orders tomorrow and he needs a slaughter to back up reasons for gun control.

He will say, it was a terrible tragedy that all those people mentally ill people aka patriots had to die at the reserve. With my plan, this will never happen again.

Shilltilli will report that he had no idea who fired the first shot but will document the entire slaughter to rile up more patriots. I'm convinced Pete is a paid provocateur. Why is he the only one doing a live feed? Every person with a cell phone up there has the ability to stream video. Why is Pete the only one feeding info to the public? Hummmm

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